What is BALA?

Is a robust, actively developed and maintained web application, specifically designed to satisfy all School Administration, Management and Governance needs of SADC Schools (Public, Specialised, Full-Service and Private). The solution encompasses a strong Education Management Information System (EMIS) focus to help Schools and institutions in record keeping, reporting and statistical analysis, by means of an innovative approach that permits end-users to shape the event of the solution itself. Data is collected and securely stored and accessed for further analysis (Data Driven Districts) for effective decision-making on various levels.

Why We Are Better

We understand needs for educational institutes and offer customization that works. Creating solutions for educational needs is what we excel at. We have studied tons of different educational institutes for creating what we do best.

Key point 1
Everything you do is stored safely in the cloud and can be accessed securely from anywhere you are.
Key point 2
We believe the system is now even more intuitive than before with a modern interface for improved navigation, offering users easier access to the most important information.
Key point 3

Combining a single core database and suite of portals and apps for parents, students and staff, BALA gives schools bespoke management of all academic, wellbeing,  administrative and financial information.

Key point 4

Track student attendance, behavior, and progress using this school information system. Simply enter the records of the students and staff in your school to start managing day-to-day activities and generating report cards.

Key point 5

A powerful, versatile, online school system you can build and shape to meet every need

Why was BALA developed?

Schools used separate applications in their day-to-day running, e.g. separate Administration Systems for Learners, Curriculum Related Data, Finances, Timetabling, the Library, etc. and a colossal amount of manually prepared reports and lists. This resulted in an exceedingly continuous, time-consuming, counter-productive cycle of duplication of knowledge into two, or more, separate systems that weren’t talking to each other. Incompatible systems, regular updates, expensive training, exaggerated licensing fees, furthermore as development and support costs were frequently prevalent. Thus, BALA was developed.

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